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What is Love

There is a love that surpasses the depths of all you have known.

There is a love that waits for you. It is patient and knows that your timing is not the timing that it would have for you. This love does not grow tired in its waiting. It hopes and patiently endures. There is no rush, because this love so fully trusts that your experiences will shape you and make you ready when the timing is right.

There is a love that is good. It sets its intention on what is healthy for you, and it thinks of what you need in order to be more complete and full. This love is ready and willing to give, from the outpouring of its own heart.

There is a love that aches when you ache. This love sits with you and holds you. It listens and understands. It wraps its arms around you and its heart is glad to be near. When sadness is present, this love comforts and embraces you in your tears.

There is a love that withstands the testing of time. It is true and faithful. There is no swaying from its purposeful giving of itself. It does not falter.

There is a love that protects. It builds shelter around you, and provides a fortress of safety. This love stands dutifully and shields you from harm. It defends you from attacks and helps you maintain your strength.

There is a love that is kind. This love smiles on you and offers grace. It looks past your weaknesses and it embraces your flaws as an extension of your being. It knows that you are a full package. When this love speaks, it speaks to the divine image within you, and it helps you find your true identity in your genuine self.

There is a love that sees you as a partner. It longs to see you succeed. This love is selfless. It invests in you and lavishes its goodness upon you. It does not hold back. It builds up and encourages. This love wants so badly for you to grow and to see you flourish in who you are created to be.

There is a love that knows you. It is intimately acquainted with your spirit and soul. It knows you inside and out. This love acts in accordance with who you are. It molds and shapes itself to you for your benefit and pleasure.

To this love, you are beautiful.  You are a delight.  You are precious.  You are valuable.  To this love, you are more than enough.  You are not too flawed, you are not too weak, you are not too much of a burden.  It gives, and gives, and gives, with no expectation for immediate return.

Cling tight to this love and long to love it back. For your investment will prove itself, and grow abundantly into more than what you can even fathom to ask or think. This love is a multiplier of all that is good, and life, itself, springs up from the overflowing fountains that give it its strength.

This is the love of God for you, and in those that love you unconditionally as a reflection of who He is. God loves you and love is an expression of His longing to be near.

We are flawed image bearers and the message doesn't always come across as it is meant to, but all love pours forth from the very heart of God. It is a gift as it is expressed in all its ways. May we see it, feel it, and understand it more and more.

This is love.


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