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Ebb and Flow

 Photography has been an ebbing and flowing endeavor in my life for the past 11 years. It is now the beginning of the busy season for outdoor photography in the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon has about 2-3 beautiful months of consistent sunshine and bearable weather and then 9+ months of grey and wetness. I am excited to be breaking in a new camera at the beginning of the season this year. This was my first session with the upgraded equipment. This SW Portland home had a flood of natural light which made for a great exposure. Every time I try to incorporate artificial lighting into my work, I am just not pleased with the results. Some photographers have it down, but I would say that my style calls for the simplicity of less equipment, less posing, and more focus on the feeling between family members. I like to capture natural moments where my subjects can just be themselves, without the added stress of looking just right while waiting on me. This family was full of cuteness. Such