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7 Days in Ukraine

When I sit down to type my stories, I still cannot believe that my experience was real. It feels like a dream. Months of planning and fundraising and hoping and praying and quickly moving towards an unknown destination. A 20 day whirlwind of traveling, with Ukraine at the center, and I'm left trying to put into words everything that got cram packed into my heart and mind in such a short amount of time. My biggest take away just might be that when God stirs your heart, make sure you leap. The unknown is not as terrifying as a life unlived. Yesterday I ran into the man who originally inspired my trip by sharing his own stories on his social media. After his return from Romania and Ukraine, he and I had somehow independently planned back to back trips to the same area, leaving within a day of each other. He planned personal travel before his return to serving, and I had planned personal travel after my initial trip to Romania and Ukraine. Without knowing, we almost took the same fligh