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Into the Light

A familiar voice woke me from my sleep. It washed across me like a warm rain; each drop refreshing dry, parched soil. Given life once again, the dirt slowly molded to the words which woke me.  As clear as day, the message sang renewal and hope into my weary soul. Etching themselves upon my heart, the lyrics pierced through layers and stirred the dormant seeds beneath the surface. "You are a skin of love stretching across all. Soft and tender, you are able to feel pain. You are scratchable, you bruise, you burn.  When one part is threatened, you are the first to stand guard and protect. You feel, you wince, you weep, and though a fire burns through you, you do not relent your position, because in time you know you will heal and cover all with love." "You stretch from fingertips to toes. Soft caresses are delivered through you; hope touching down to the worn and needy. Thick callouses know your wisdom of trial after trial; delivering strength and endurance to the parts whi